Capio – Digital Healthcare you can trust

About Capio
Capio is one of Europe’s largest private healthcare companies with around 14 000 employees. The company has a wide range of care in medicine, surgery and psychiatry in five countries – Sweden, Norway, Germany, England and France. Capio is part of the Ramsay Générale de Santé. In Sweden, Capio offers its patients care via Capio Go – Online care for everyone. Here, Capio’s patients can, among other things, chat with doctors and psychologists aswell as register or change healthcare centers.

Reliable operation
s with new technology
Capio Go is a modern e-health platform that places high demands on both security, flexibility and scalability. Capio has chosen a solution based on the very latest technologies in order to be able to quickly and reliably test and launch new solutions and versions. The infrastructure is based on Microsoft’s cloud service Azure and technology components such as Kubernetes, IT protection from Palo Alto Networks and Citrix ADC (formerly NetScaler). Their old solution that used Windows & SQL servers on-premise together with third-party solutions where migrated to the more agile and modern cloud platform Azure.

For us, the most important thing is that our digital services are accessible, secure and give us the flexibility required to support rapid development ”, says Victoria Bohlin, CIO at Capio.

Close collaboration between development and IT Operations
To get help with the operation and support of the platform and infrastructure, Capio turned to Xenit, which has great expertise in the technical solutions and agile working methods that were needed in the project. Xenits track record of migrating and developing environments in the cloud was a match with the requirements Capio had.

”We needed a partner who we can trust and who understands us, our business and the importance of what it is we operate,” says Victoria Bohlin.

With a dedicated DevOps team, Xenit can guarantee both secure operations and close collaboration between development and IT. The code is packaged in containers that are distributed, handled and scaled by Azure Kubernetes, an open source orchestration program. By implementing CI / CD (Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery), Capio has a platform where they can easily build, test and implement new functions to the service.

Secure platform in constant development
While Xenit is responsible for operations and support, Capio can focus on developing the platform with new services that enable patients to access healthcare digitally.

“We invest a lot in the “digi-physical”, combining the digital with the physical, and we are piloting many new services. Remote blood pressure monitoring and robots that sound the alarm when you have not taken your medication are two examples. Digitization means an incredible number of opportunities and our industry is only at the beginning of that journey,” says Victoria Bohlin.

Xenit also works proactively with monitoring the platform and has an important role as an advisor.

“We have been working with Xenit for many years and they are a very knowledgeable and reliable partner. It is no coincidence that we chose them to be responsible for the operation of Capio Go ”, concludes Victoria Bohlin.