AFRY, formerly known as ÅF Pöyry has grown rapidly in recent years. Today, they are 17 000 employees worldwide who create sustainable solutions within infrastructure, industry and energy. To facilitate global collaborations and quickly deliver reliable digital workplaces, AFRY works with virtual desks together with the IT company Xenit.

The Virtual Workspace service from Xenit includes flexibility in the number of users. With the global pandemic where people around the world are recommended to work from home, the number of users on the platform has increased from 400 to 1 500. Henrik Carlberg, product owner and infrastructure architect at AFRY, is convinced that the number of users will increase even more in the long run.

– Virtual workspace is a smart, secure and fast way to work, whether you work from home or in the office. Our calculations show that we can save ten hours per person and year with this solution, for a company with 17 000 employees it means a lot of money, says Henrik.

The solution, which is based on technologies from Citrix and Microsoft, means that AFRY’s employees get a standardized virtual desktop and access to the applications they need, regardless of where in the world they are and which devices they work on. With Xenit’s service packaging, AFRY receives a package for operation, management and development at a fixed monthly cost.

The service enables AFRY to migrate their server from an on premise hosted environment with Windows Server and SQL Server databases. Meaning that they can leverage virtual machines and SQL as both servers and services within the Azure platform. Another feature that brings value to AFRY is the possibility to scale up their underlying infrastructure when they have a lot of external contractors joining bigger projects.

– At the same time as we get more structured processes, there will be a greater focus on partnerships where we share responsibility and risk with Xenit. We have chosen Xenit because they are good at what they do, and we trust that they deliver the solutions that are best for us. With this way of working, we also become more cost-effective and can focus on what creates business value for our business, says Henrik Carlberg.

Linus Lindström, CEO of Xenit, also sees many benefits of Virtual Workspace for companies like AFRY.

– With this service, AFRY know what they are getting and what it costs. Xenit has the best engineers within these technologies and because we can now plan and allocate resources to AFRY, they always have access to the right skills. We are very happy and proud that AFRY has chosen to deepen their cooperation with us, says Linus.

For more information:

Linus Lindström, CEO
Phone: +46 10-707 35 02

About Xenit’s Virtual Workspace service
The new Virtual Workspace service is primarily aimed at customers who already use Microsoft or Citrix virtual desktop technology. The service means that the customer receives a managed service for both the operation and management parts at a fixed monthly cost. At the same time, there is flexibility in terms of the number of users, which can be easily adjusted from month to month.

About AFRY

AFRY is a leading international company in technology, design and consulting. AFRY creates solutions for its customers from a sustainability perspective and global trends such as urbanization and digitalization. AFRY has more than 17,000 dedicated experts in the infrastructure, industrial and energy sectors who work globally to create sustainable solutions for future generations.